IMG_1394 copy.jpg

A painting made recently 48x36 in size in oil. 

A showreel of Director of Photography Work from 2016 and before. 

Trailer for the short film "Orchard" Directed by myself. Accompanied by the opening title sequence below. 

Trailer for "Zosima's Dance", a short film Directed by myself, accompanied by original music performed by Justin Small 

An oil painting 48x24 inches.

A Music Video I created for the band TIO. 

A video I made for fun with my friend Anna. 


A very recent photograph of rock. Which I've taking a liking towards photographing. 

A painting made with ink, oil and paper on wood panel. 

Another recent photograph. 

An odd film which I made with my friend Pat Terry. 

A photograph from the Mamiya. 

A photograph from the Mamiya. 

A film made for fun. 

A film with flowers. 


A recent painting.

Two photographs taken behind peoples backs. 

A painting which hangs in my bedroom that Christine likes. I like it too. 

IMG_1263 copy.jpg

Another painting. And that would be it for now. I'd like to write something more but it is late and I ought to get to bed. I haven't been reading before bed anymore, lately just staying up. Since I have nothing to say I'll leave with another, more recent, photograph below.