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I began doing the work of 8x10 drawings in black pen ink at the age of 10, and my first painting at 14. I wouldn't make another painting for the next ten years. That first painting was rewarded somehow, and was displayed in a public area of my high school on a cheap easel that I supplied, which still remains my only easel. The exact number of the drawings I've made is unknown, though I would have to estimate high hundreds. I never pursued the work of being a painter or living artist. A working artist, seemed at the time impossible. I went unlearned, having never studied the arts. I developed the drawn work in a reclusive nature. I am now 26. All of the above work, and many more not shown, have been created only within the last two years. I've done so in haste. It has perhaps served me well that I have been so unlearned in the arts, for I have accrued little in the way of influence. That which I can say has influenced my work, has seldom been the work of other artists. I have come to love a great deal of work, and am in constant exploration with my own. I cannot see this ending, but perhaps it will one day, it would be sad if it did. 


A few feet larger. 

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