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I began doing the work of 8x10 drawings in black pen ink at the age of 10. My first painting was made at 14. It went on to successfully showcase in a carpeted high-school lounge which also featured popular photography behind glass cases shared with trophies. I wouldn't make another painting until 24. The drawings, which continued, looked like this. The exact number of them is unknown, though I would have to estimate somewhere in the thousands. I never pursued the work of being a painter or living artist, a working artist, seemed at the time impossible. I went unlearned, having never studied the arts, I developed the work in a reclusive nature. I am now 26. All of the above, and many other paintings, have been created within the last two years. I've done so in haste, after receiving the encouragement of a generous and prominent gallery. It has perhaps served me well that I have been so unlearned, for in doing so I have accrued little in the way of influence or knowledge into the arts, and that which I can say has influenced my work, has seldom been other painters. 


A few feet larger. 

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